Snipe Lake

1 Snipe Lake: Use Car parks A& B,

Specimen Carp and Catfish

The oldest lake at Beaver, it is stocked with Carp, Tench and Catfish. A two and a half acre lake with a central island, the average depth of water is four and half feet, some deep areas dropping off to six feet. Snipe Lake is a specimen lake as the Carp have grown to over 48 lbs therefore certain restrictions are enforced to protect the fish. Please see fishery rules. Snipe has produced four different Grass Carp over 24 lbs, the biggest being 32 lbs, Mirror Carp to 48 lbs 5 Oz, common carp 41 lbs, and Catfish to 80lb.

The catfish record stands now at 80lb caught by Scott Wareing.









Published on  April 2nd, 2015